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Día Mundial del Lavado de Manos

Ensuciarse las manos significa no tener miedo a implicarse y trabajar. Demuestra compromiso y también carácter. Para progresar hacia un futuro mejor, necesitamos trabajar duro. Y Essity quiere celebrarlo con todos los que os esforzáis para conseguirlo, con motivo del Día Mundial del Lavado de Manos. Hoy y cada día.

Facts about handwashing impact according to Global Handwashing Partnership factsheet
  • Handwashing can reduce diarrheal diseases by 30% to 48%.

  • Handwashing can reduce acute respiratory infections by 20%.

  • Handwashing is also key in the fight against COVID-19. Handwashing with soap destroys the outer membrane of the virus and thereby inactivates it.

  • One study found that regular handwashing with soap can reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 infection by 36%.
Global Handwashing Partnership

We are an active partner to Global Handwashing Partnership who works to save children’s lives and improve health by promoting handwashing with soap. These days, we realize more than ever that washing hands can help you prevent from getting infections and even save lives.

This year’s theme is ‘Hand Hygiene for All’ and on this site you will find lots of insights, tips and links to more information about proper handwashing.

About the Essentials Initiative Global Survey

In this global websurvey, we gather insights from general public from ~15,000 respondents in 15 countries aged 16-85 years. The most recent Essentials Initiative survey covers a wide variety of topics from sustainability, public hygiene, incontinence and menstruation, and general health stigma’s. This study highlights attitudes, behaviors and mindsets around a broad range of hygiene and health areas. The field research was carried out Dec 2019 to Jan 2020, and was complemented in July 2020 with a deep dive in 10 countries around hygiene and health questions around the Corona pandemic.​


Essity and its brand Tork are advocates for hand hygiene in the critical moments as determined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Good hand hygiene has a big influence on health and well-being of our loved ones for everyone. We aim to inform people about the critical moments of handwashing and proper handwashing methods with water and soap, preventing over-use of disinfectants, sanitizers and handwashing when this is not needed

Handwashing in Covid-times 1

How many times do you think people wash their hands per day since COVID-19 started spreading around the world?

Handwashing in Covid-times 2

Which activities do you think people have started washing their hands more around this year?

Handwashing in Covid-times 3

How many times do you wash your hands per day?