Q: Hello Aleksandra,please tell us a bit about yourself. How did you originally come to join Essity?

I saw a job advertisement eight years ago. I felt there was something intriguing about the company and I decided I wanted to apply for the role. I was applying for the position of Preventive Maintenance Engineer. I had worked in a logistics company in the UK in the past and also in the automotive industry. I studied Mechanics and Machine Building at the Wrocław University of Technology. During my job interview, I asked if I could see the machines I would be working with. It turned out I was the second person in their recruitment history that had ever taken this approach, which amazed me. After that I became the first woman to be employed in the Traffic Maintenance Department.

Q: So, after that what were the next steps in your career journey?

After two years I became the Head of the Maintenance Department. Once the machine performance had improved enough, I applied for the position of Production Line Manager. I am currently starting to work on a machine with new technology. Its been a really exciting journey so far.  

Q: What is it about your role that you find so interesting?

Every day is different, sometimes it's like playing with LEGO bricks. You need to understand how the machine is built and how it works. You make small adjustments but it can turn out that some elements do not work together as they should. We try to analyse the problem and rearrange bricks, set the standards so that the machine works as efficiently as possible. Sometimes we create our own, innovative solutions. It gives me and my team the feeling that we can make a meaningful impact on product,  technology development and the company overall. In our every day work we collaborate with for example Italians, Swedes, Germans, Spanish and Dutch people. My team in Oława also includes working with people from Poland and Ukraine. Sometimes we face cultural differences which need to be properly addressed, but this only makes my work more interesting.

Q: What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

In general, working with people makes me happy. I like what I do, despite the difficulties or challenges that may occur. When we manage to solve a problem and the machine works as expected, I know we have done a good job. By setting the correct working standards, we enable the machine operators to feel confident and secure in their daily work. No one calls me at 3 am with questions, which gives me a sense of satisfaction. Also, when I see someone who would be a great fit for a particular position, I invest my time in that person to give them the best prerequisites to continue their great job.

Q: What is the "one thing" that you enjoy the most about working for Essity? 

I'm impressed with the work culture. Expectations are clearly defined, and when someone reports difficulties, there is an unwritten agreement that everyone will participate in solving the problem. In many other companies this is rare. In the production department we share our experiences with each other, we exchange information, and we grow together. Essity is truly a people oriented company with some great core values that allow for collaboration across roles and functions. 

Thank you Aleksandra.